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Tune it up!

Yearly Air Conditioner Tune-Up

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Have you had your air conditioner inspected recently?

No- you might be costing yourself extra money with higher energy and maintenance bills. Many people assume that because their air conditioner worked last year that it will work without incident during the next hot season. This isn’t always the case. Air conditioners need regular maintenance in order to run at peak efficiency and to prevent major breakdowns at inopportune times especially here in Charleston.

Lower your bills


The Benefits of Yearly Air Conditioner Tune-UpsIf you’re considering having a yearly tune-up for your air conditioner, there are numerous benefits, including:

  1. Increases Overall Efficiency

  2. Lower Energy Bills

  3. Extends Life of Your System

  4. Prevents Sudden Breakdowns

  5. Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

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